You may have the best technology in the world, but do enough of your prospective customers know the value you offer them?

If helping more customers is your game plan, I can help you get there with compelling copy powerfully connecting.


Some of the technology and engineering-related companies with whom I've enjoyed working as their technology writer.
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​My Technology Writing Services

Straightforward and responsive to my clients' needs

Consistent high-quality technology writing helps you and your company look good in the eyes of your prospective clients while enhancing their trust in the value you deliver. That's where I come in.


I apply my years of experience as a technology writer, engineer, project manager and business-builder to tackle your writing project, get up-to-speed quickly and do the job right.

For quality copy and content writing to promote the growth of your technology and engineering-related business, you'll find me knowledgeable, helpful, a quick study.

I speak your language.

Technology Writing

Convey your message with clear, concise technical writing that lands with your target audience

Technology writing services


Polishing your copy to represent your business in the best possible light

Editing services

Content Consultation

Guidance and suggestions to clarify your content needs and objectives

Copywriting consulting services

​Key Technology Writing Sectors

If you're talking technology, I'm all ears

My ideal clients are marketing and business development professionals and owners working in technology and engineering-related sectors:

  • Water and wastewater treatment

  • Energy

  • Construction

  • Cleantech


But it doesn't stop there... if you're a B2B marketer in related sectors looking to build your business, we should chat.



A sampling

Case Study

The customer feared catastrophic water hammer in their distribution system - problem solved

IPEX Vortex Flow Insert

White Paper

Wastewater treatment technologies continue to improve rapidly - an illustration of one such process

A rendering of a wastewater treatment process called MABR


Renewable energy offers a viable path forward to power our world, according to these experts

A wind generator on top of an island


Highlighting a simple and effective wastewater treatment process for municipal and industrial applications


Client Letter

The client advises wineries of its process and experience to save them precious water resources and reduce operational costs

A glass of wine and grapes

Presentation Narrative

The consulting client created a new building energy engineering service they were excited to share with builders and regulatory authorities

Engineered energy efficient home

Sell Sheet

A trade show hand-out explaining the manufacturer's biodegradable additive for use by plastic product fabricators

Various colorful plastic items

Video Content

This company is creating a video highlighting a unique method to reduce ocean plastics pollution

Plastic bag floating underwater

Web Content

The client planned a wholesale revision to their website, incorporating new content and services for their water management software

Burst pipe water leaking

Tradeshow Banner

The manufacturer of high-quality wastewater treatment equipment and processes highlighted several of their technologies

Wastewater treatment processes

Press Release

The client was poised to enter the North American market with a unique process for purifying biogas to renewable natural gas

Press release portfolio_edited.jpg

“I recommend Jim for any writing work you may need. We have finished creating a website for the Venture Capital fund. Jim demonstrated a brilliant client-oriented approach; the process was very efficient, and results were delivered in a timely manner. Additionally, I was impressed by Jim’s understanding of the sustainability industry and his ability to find the right words to describe concepts in this field.”

George Tovmasyan, Investment Director, AMT Venture Capital