A Bit About Me

A technology writer who enjoys engineering... or is it an engineer who enjoys technology writing? It's both!

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For nearly a decade, I engaged with cleantech companies to market and sell their fascinating technologies. It was all about converting municipal and industrial wastewaters to clean water while transforming the waste products into energy and capturing vital nutrients for beneficial reuse.

​That work transformed me into a cleantech convert – and I admit, I'm hooked! What's not to love about improving the way we live and doing so in a sustainable manner?


Nowadays, I entwine my love for technology writing with my engineering training, project management and business-building experience to focus on creating compelling copy for clean technology companies across North America and Europe.


It's a challenging and meaningful career that draws on all my qualities, experience and interests.

​When I’m not writing, I’m doing my best to stay in decent shape. Nowadays, to save on the knees, I’m down to low impact sports like biking, motorbiking and a smattering of XC-skiing, snowshoeing, golf and hiking. Oh, and I subject myself to the gym wringer several times a week.

​However, “low impact” is more theory than practice. I still manage the odd spectacular crash and burn on the skis (and the bike and ouch, even the motorbike…!) My wife remains less than impressed.

​I also enjoy plenty of opportunities to discuss writing with my son and one of my two daughters, who have made writing their profession. My other daughter is an actor—what a crew!