My Process

I strive to make my technology writing process for you as simple and fool-proof as possible. I expect you'll find it easy to work with me. I trust you'll be the same.

Pretty straightforward

It all starts with a conversation. You seek quality tech writing, and I can produce that for you. We both want to know that working together will be a satisfying experience and deliver results you'll be delighted with.

Let's discuss what you have in mind about your project, objectives, budget* and timeline. Assuming we're both aligned on these broad points and you're favorable, I'll send you a firm price quote outlining the work scope, responsibilities, a suggested project schedule, terms of payment and all the other details you need to make an informed decision to proceed with me. You may have questions – I'll get you answers so you'll know precisely what to expect.


* A note about budgets...

Please be prepared to agree to a budget figure, or at least a range, early in our conversation. Why? I can approach every service I provide in different ways that will impact the total cost. Knowing your budget upfront allows me to recommend the best approach to accomplish your objectives. I also want to save time - yours and mine - by determining early on if our financial expectations align or not.



If you wish to contract me and my technology writing services, you accept my online quote, and I'll send you an invoice for the deposit (once you're an established client, no deposit is required). Payment is a simple online credit card or EFT process using Stripe or PayPal payment interfaces. With the deposit payment made, I'll commence work on the project. For small projects and at my discretion, no deposit is required.

I will send you my first submission for your review by the agreed-to date. Our contract includes two revisions – one to my first submission and one after, if required, before submitting the finished product to you. And I guarantee you'll be happy with my work. If it's still not right for whatever reason after the second revision, I will work on my dime to quickly make the specific changes you request.

I will invoice either 50% for new clients who have paid the deposit, or 100% for established clients, upon submitting my final product. Payment is due 14 days after this submission or upon your acceptance, whichever comes sooner. 

I work hard to ensure you're happy with the results. I may request a testimonial from you – I hope you'll happily oblige.


Here are answers to common questions I field from prospective clients. Of course, feel free to connect with me anytime to respond to your queries.

What can I expect from working with you?

From one professional to another, I will extend you every courtesy and the respect you and your project deserves. I'm a firm believer in the Golden Rule – "Do unto others as I'd have them do unto me."

Expect quality results – that's my promise to you. Naturally, any copywriting project is a two-way street. I will depend on your cooperation to fulfill my promise to you.

Do you do the work yourself or outsource?

When you hire my services for technology writing, I do the writing. This way, I retain control over the outcome. Plus, I figure that if my client hires me for my tech writing services, they rightfully expect me to do the writing. I may have occasion to outsource some research work. And if you need graphic design work done, for example, I work closely with quality design specialists to deliver the finished product you deserve.

Do you charge more for rush jobs?

I take my deadlines for my clients seriously. If you come to me with a rush job and my schedule is full, I will not jeopardize commitments already made to "shoehorn" in another project.

Now, I realize other writers may use a rush job as justification to increase their rates even at the risk of compromising the results, but this is not how I operate. Either I take your urgent project on because I have the time to do it justice, or my schedule will not allow it, in which case we either come to a compromise or I respectfully decline.

What if I want to make revisions?

I allow up to two formal reviews as part of my standard tech writing package, based on working with the original scope. Additional revisions and modifications required due to scope changes or extended delays from your side may incur additional charges.

What do your fees include?

I submit a written quote outlining what I offer for your tech writing project. In general, my quoted price includes the research and writing required and any contact I need to make with your clients or other parties (within reason) to reach the objectives set out in our agreement.

How do I go about hiring you? Do I have to sign a contract? Do you ask for money upfront?

If you're satisfied with my firm price quote and wish to proceed, you can accept it, and I'll issue you an invoice for the deposit – typically 50% (the need for a deposit is waived for established clients). Payment is a simple online process by credit card or e-transfer. 

Unless otherwise agreed to, invoices are due 14 days after my final submission or upon your acceptance, whichever comes sooner (deposit invoices are due upon receipt). You can count on me to make every effort to respond promptly to your requests. In return, from one professional to another, I expect you will pay promptly.

Will you coordinate with my other suppliers?

Yes, I will coordinate with other parties as you direct to complete the project. Of course, I have no control over their actions, so I cannot guarantee timely completion if they are slow to respond. I'll keep you apprised of any concerns I may have that could affect project scheduling.

I work in a highly technical field. How are you going to understand enough about my work to write about it?

It's in the technical matters where you'll discover the benefits of my engineering background and years of experience working in the cleantech field. I do not claim to know all about your technologies and services. However, I will understand enough to ask the right questions and get the appropriate responses. I'll translate what I learned into content that will land for your target audiences and spur on the results you seek.

What sets you apart from other copywriters?

Cleantech is an engineering-intensive field in which I have both great interest and firsthand work experience. I enjoy offering my unique insights and style to the technology writing projects I take on.

Most importantly, in engaging my technology writing services, you're dealing with an experienced copywriting professional who will help make your life easier. I'll get the job done with minimal oversight, on time, on budget, and deliver to you a polished product you'll be proud to put to work.